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Tuesday / July 14
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50in10: Accelerating Global Fisheries Restoration Through Collaboration

Fisheries can become the sustainability success story of
the 21ST century, creating more food, better livelihoods,
more prosperous businesses, and healthier, resilient oceans.
50in10 is an ambitious, international initiative to restore fifty percent of the
world’s fisheries in the next ten years.

In the past twenty years we have made great strides in understanding the nature of overfishing and how
to restore fisheries. As a result, many fisheries are recovering. These success stories show us what works:
empowering fishermen and local communities, making science-based decisions, harnessing the market for
sustainable seafood, and reforming public policies.
Our goal is to connect and expand these individual success stories so that we can foster faster transitions to
sustainable fishing around the world. Achieving this goal requires a more coordinated approach. Continuing to
work on isolated projects that address just one lever of change — whether it is in empowerment, markets, policy,
science, or management — will not be enough to create the scale and pace of change needed to restore global
fisheries. Instead, we must take a holistic approach, expand the network of players involved in fisheries issues,
coordinate work around shared goals, and rapidly share the tools and approaches that work.
The 50in10 partners — non-governmental organizations, businesses, public and private investors, philanthropies,
and governments — believe that we have an important opportunity to create economic growth built on
restoring fisheries. The catching, processing, and selling of seafood creates over 200 million jobs and close to
US$274 billion of GDP globally each year.  Not only are these profits at risk as fisheries decline, but experts
estimate that healthy fisheries could generate an additional US$66 billion in economic gains annually.


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